2019:  A sole exhibition is scheduled at Fort Amsterdam  by invitation of Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath.
​​. 2018: During the months of November/December an Open House/Workshops were held in Studio in Las Almas. 
. 2018: A solo Exhibition of Cats was organized by Office of the Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath at Fort Amsterdam                     where the office of the Prime Minister resides. This for the purpose of welcoming the Royals of the Kingdom of the                   Netherlands, King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima on their visit to Curacao in July 2018.
. 2017: A solo Exhibition of Cats was organized by Landhuis Bloemhof during the months November/December/Januari 2018.
. 2017: A solo Exhibition of Cats was organized by Stichting Monumentenzorg for UNESCO World Heritage which took place               on Curacao. Renowned international Architects attended the show.
​. 2016: Whole year round welcoming guests to the OPEN ATELIER.
  • 2015 : An exhibition took place on 21st November 2015 at Villa Washington in Otrobanda.
  • 2015: By order of the president of "Stichting Monumentenzorg" (Marcel van der Plank), the calender 2016 was presented
    ​                    ​in November with 14 paintings of Monuments of Curacao by Marianne.
  • 2015 : In March a three week exhibition was performed in Floris Suite Hotel opened by ms. Lisa Dindial.
  • ​2015 : For the 3rd time Marianne joined the "Open Atelier Route of 2015".
  • 2014 : A one day exhibition in Landhuis Zeelandia was successfully performed in november  2014.
  • 2011: Again in 2011 she joined the "Open Atelier Route"
  • 2006: Marianne showed her artwork during the "Open Atelier Route".
  • 2006: Group exhibition in Landhuis Bloemhof.
  • 2006: Once Again by order of "Stichting Monumentenzorg", the calender was presented with 12 paintings of sceneries of               Curacao.
  • 2006: Exhibition in Gallery Alma Blou in Landhuis Habaai
  • 2004: By order of "Stichting Monumentenzorg" the calender of 2004 was presented with 12 paintings of all                                       Dutch Caribbean Islands, to the president of the foundation and former governor of the Netherlands Antilles (Jaime               Saleh).
  • 2002: During the Curacao Art Festival 2002, Marianne Cats was awarded unanimously by the independent jury of                             the "Miami Coconut Grove Arts Festival" as best artist and was invited to exhibit her work in 2013 in Miami, Coconut            Grove.
  • 1992: By the order of the president of "Stichting Monumentenzorg" (Jacky Voges), the calender 1993 was presented with               12 paintings of Curacao by Marianne .
  • 1991: Exhibition in Landhuis Zeelandia. Vernissage was done by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles back then                 (Maria Liberia Peters).
  • 1988: At the invitation of the "Gevolmachtigde Minister van de Nederlandse Antillen", at that time (Papi Jesurun), in Gallery            Noordeinde in The Hague.
  • 1986: Exhibition in Landhuis Groot Davelaar at the invitation of the owner.


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